Riverine Patrol Boat 7.47

Riverine Patrol Boat 7.47

The 7.47 Meter Aluminium Patrol Mono Hull Boat is a proven hull design and are built and operated as Patrol and Rescue Boats.

They are operated mainly for Patrol and Rescue purposes with the ability to search Coastal, Harbours and Shallow waters, Including Estuaries & River Systems when needed for such purpose.

The design of the patrol boats have excellent maneuverability, High speed and cruise performance.

The mono hulls asymmetric hard chine hull-form provides a very comfortable platform for its role as a patrol vessel.

This mono hull design will provide 30-50% lower impact accelerations than other comparable mono hulls.

The hydro dynamically optimised mono hull allows for efficient operation at its design speed and loading conditions.

The mono hulls design form exhibits excellent stability characteristics in both the intact and damaged conditions.

This provides for an outstandingly seaworthy craft with predictable and easy handling at all speeds and loading conditions.

The hull is divided into separate watertight compartments.

The boats modern design allows for operation in shallow water conditions and also up to Sea State 6.

The 7.47m is constructed of marine grade 50830 and 6082T6 Aluminium which is employed in the marine industry.

The grades are accepted and approved by the major international classification societies.

It’s durable, robust and stable design incorporating solid framing, makes it capable of withstanding water debris and all the operating loads imposed on it during transit and patrol operations under all expected conditions.

The vessel is powered by a single (01) 250hp outboard 4 stroke engine With this engine, the vessel is capable of reaching 45 knots with a full load 95% MCR.

The fuel is contained in fully-baffled separate heavy-duty tank which are situated midships so as to minimise the effect of trim during the depletion of the fuel.

The design complies with International Classification Society Standards for Patrol and Rescue vessels operating in harbour, estuary, river and coastal areas.

Lloyds rules will be employed for this design.

£84,000 ex trailer
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